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An all Woman Holistic Approach, the first of its kind ensuring Successful and Maintainable Weight Loss.
Sprezzatura is more than just a fad diet. We are Scientists, Pharmacists and Life Coaches who are above and beyond invested in your weight loss journey and committed to deliver you to your ultimate weight loss goal.
Our passion is your success.
Transforming your entire life from within, while losing weight on the outside.

Own your Confidence

Get the Sprezzatura Advantage

S - Sprezzatura Supplement

The Sprezzatura Supplement is formulated with 22 active ingredients to facilitate fast & effective weight loss. It is free from "dirty" stimulants and made with veggie capsules.

L - Lifestyle adjustment

Discover the essentials that are vital for successful weight loss. Learn how to distinguish emotional and physical hunger. Understand the science behind weight gain. Adjust your lifestyle to maintain weight loss and own your confidence.

I – Individual Nutrition Plans

A choice of different and convenient eating plans to assist in weight loss. Each plan is designed to suit a particular lifestyle and aids in the amount of weight you want to lose.

M - Measure and Track

Track your progress and be accountable to reach your weight loss goal. Easy-to-use digital platform that includes trackers to record and monitor weigh-ins and centimetre loss. Track sleep, anxiety, appetite, food and calorie intake. Includes a Food App. Celebrate Non Scale Victories (NSV) and much more.

S - Social Support and Coaching

Get your mind on your body's side. Receive motivation and support from our community groups. Stay engaged in your journey and have some fun! Change your mind set and set yourself up for success to reach your goal.

Sprezzatura Packages

3-Month Full Program with 22 Ingredient Supplement, Choice of Nutritional Plans, Lifestyle Alignment Program, Trackers, Calorie Counters, Social Community & Resource Hubs

R2999 once-off

Access to a choice of meal plans that align with your lifestyle.

R395 once-off

Access to our Weight & Mind tracker, food app, and BMI/BMR/Calorie Counters.

R150 per month

Get access to a global first 12-week Digital Lifestyle Adjustment Course which enables you to reset your habits and coping mechanisms.

R695 once-off

Increase your self-awareness to facilitate your full potential and reach your desired goal weight.

S. Leigh
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Crazy thing this week. Not one craving, no hunger. We're already on Thurday and I seem to have adapted and accepted. Im feeling incredible guys. Onward and upward.
S. Harlen
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Woke up this morning and saw a line on my stomach...... woop woop. So I decided to quickly measure with the tape and I am down 2cm
Z. Jonker
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Put on a pair of tights this morning that are falling down slightly. Last week I could barely breathe in them.
W. Vermeulen
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My sense of taste has heightened. I enjoy every morsel of food
B. Nell
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I weighed myself in the gym at my hotel and from start to end of month I've lost 8.2 kg and I've seen the difference in all my clothes, which only means some shopping needs to be done !