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Get your Mind on your Body’s side

Tried diets before and failed?

Get help to facilitate your full potential and reach your desired goal weight. 
Finally break the emotional destructive connection with food and maintain weight loss forever.
Mind and Body coaching will provide you with support and tools for you to stay and be accountable toward your weight loss process.
Coaching will gear your mindset for success, and keep you focused on your weight loss.

Coaching options

Sprezzatura Onboarding Session

Don’t know where to start?
Chat with one of our professional coaches and gear yourself for success. Get help with choosing the right plan for you. Discover do’s and don’ts that are crucial for successful weight loss. Prepare your environment and thinking for optimal results. This session is the best start you can give yourself, you will discuss factors and variables that will sabotage your efforts, things you never even thought about, determine your stumbling blocks. Learn the truth about Insulin resistance and PCOS. Plan beyond simply taking the supplement and using the nutritional plan. Guarantee your Success!

Mind and Body Coaching Session

A one on one session orientated towards helping you achieve your goal and maximise your own potential. Do you feel stuck? Face the obstacles holding you back. Coaching provides you with improved motivation, clearer thinking, improved decision making, improved self-confidence, a more rational perspective, a calmer mind, and strategies to make changes in your life that is holding you back from true happiness.

Weight Loss Maintenance Session

Reached your goal and are ready to get back to your fabulous life? Enjoy a smart coaching session where our weight loss coach will teach you how to reinforce good food choices, and keep the weight off. Reintroduce everyday foods back into your lifestyle. Adapt and evolve your habits to sustain your weight loss. Learn about common mistakes people make after a weight loss challenge. Get all the info you need to make double sure you keep the weight off and keep your newly found confidence! This closing session is an absolute must for all women, weight loss is a lifestyle change, your commitment to losing weight does not end when the 12 weeks do.

Lifestyle Adjustment Learning Series

Get the most value you can possibly get out of this 12 week program. Enjoy the freedom and safe space to talk about your ah-ha moments from the online modules. Take the learning further and let our Master Coach show you how the mind–body connection is crucial to fully understand how you got to being overweight and what you need to conquer within to maintain weight loss. Understand how you became stuck in your life, relationships, or job. Learn how you can move forward, and how this will contribute to a ten times happier life. Commit to making the necessary changes and live your life to the utmost fullest!

Sprezzatura Coaching

30 Minute session

R290 per session

45 Minute session

R440 per session

60 Minute session

R590 per session

4 x 45 minute sessions

R1 390 (Save 20%)

S. Leigh
Read More
Crazy thing this week. Not one craving, no hunger. We're already on Thurday and I seem to have adapted and accepted. Im feeling incredible guys. Onward and upward.
S. Harlen
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Woke up this morning and saw a line on my stomach...... woop woop. So I decided to quickly measure with the tape and I am down 2cm
Z. Jonker
Read More
Put on a pair of tights this morning that are falling down slightly. Last week I could barely breathe in them.
W. Vermeulen
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My sense of taste has heightened. I enjoy every morsel of food
B. Nell
Read More
I weighed myself in the gym at my hotel and from start to end of month I've lost 8.2 kg and I've seen the difference in all my clothes, which only means some shopping needs to be done !