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  • Bronwen Jacobs

    10/06/2023 at 08:46

    Hi – I am from Pretoria. I am 49 years old, and I have 3 grown up sons. I guess I have decided to take this year to reach some goals before I turn 50!

    My partner is much younger than me, so I’ve become conscious of our age gap, not that he makes it an issue at all, but it is a real thing so I want to look after myself as much as possible. We are going to Japan in October to celebrate my birthday. I have made my skin hair and body and my self a priority this year.

    I have 7-10 kegs to loose. I want to do something that’s sustainable. As I’ve aged I’ve realised it gets more and more difficult to keep your body in shape. I’m not overly overweight but I’m not happy with, my body. I used to be able to run for a few weeks to lose those extra kilos, but it’s doesn’t work that way any more.

    I am in the first week of the program. I love it so far. I love that I’m eating healthy balanced meals. I already see the results and I think it’s sustainable eating.

    Happy to be here!